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Crumlin v Machen 12th November 2016

Crumlin V Machen (home)                                                  12th November 2016.

“We’ve had better days” said Steve Lewis team manager of Crumlin with a knowing shake of his head as he carefully placed the flags back in the lock up.

Crumlin 0 Machen 84 was the final image of the day displayed on the scoreboard as the final whistle blew.

OK…………..Is there any point in me rattling on for two pages stating each facet of play, which, on the day, ended in the same result with the Crumlin team resetting from behind the posts for the restart? Probably not. However, that is exactly what they did with the look of a team who were not going to lie down.  

The Machen team came to win. They came to play fast, open, running rugby. They had a team on the park to perform and sure enough they performed. They played some nice rugby. The captain kept drawing the team back to stick to the game plan and the result proved it to be effective. They were well balanced and (whilst not free of mistakes) put on a display which showed them to be a top of the league team.

There are no arguments about the quality littered through the Machen side and no cause to dispute how they come to play there. We wish them well for the remainder of the season and hope their success continues.

For this young, developing Crumlin team this was by no means a disaster (even though the score may suggest otherwise). The team on the park stuck at it with real desire, continued to show their character and remained competitive throughout.

Again, there were some players unavailable but this provided the opportunity to play some newer squad members and introduced them to league rugby.

We will undoubtedly recover and grow from this. This is merely a small stumble as we walk on our development path towards our own successes.

Now that the league has sized everyone up, there are games which will be targeted for our own victories. OK, we may not be dealing out an 80 point sucker punch to anyone anytime soon, even if we had a host of top class players join us overnight. We are a team and club who are focussed on growing at a realistic pace without losing site of our values.    

Next game we have St Julians away after this week’s break due to the international match against Japan.

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