19/07/2016 13:51
Senior Squad Team Building

Saturday 17th July 2016 brought about this year’s team bonding day. The Senior squad had the opportunity to take part in a host of fun filled exercises designed to test skills, dexterity, brute strength and communication.   Split into two teams, they admirably battled it out against each other (and the clock) in competitions including THE LOG CHOP, QUICK DRAW, BALL PASS and the ol’ favourite TUG OF WAR.   Team ‘andsome on the LOG CHOP  It was the eagerly awaited return of the WELLY WANGING competition which brought the most excitement. With anticipation almost at feve.....

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Crumlin CC @CrumlinCC
24/08/2016 07:29:56
Annual 6 a side competition at the club in bank holiday Sunday (28th). Beer, BBQ and hopefully sun! Come along and enjoy! Plz Retweet!
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CrumlinRugby @CrumlinRugby
14/08/2016 13:40:45
Fancy a run out at our pre-season friendly at @ByneaRfc Come and join us - Bus leaves 12noon #UpTheCrum https://t.co/SNmZCg7c0l


CrumlinRugby @CrumlinRugby
13/08/2016 15:28:09
Cmon the Crumlin #Girling10s https://t.co/G5vjbbVfBM


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